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18 de September, 2017

Walking on the natural

One of our biggest doubts when it is the time to renovating our home, is choosing the right flooring. Wood, stone, ceramic… We wonder which will be the perfect one for our decoration, which will not go out of style, and above all, which will give us more comfort.

These and many questions go around our head in that process of choice. Pavement is the most used surface at home, and the most visual of any room. Natural stone has three characteristics to face this: quality, use and resistance. In addition, it is a repairable material and very easy to maintain, without changing its aesthetic and maintaining all its properties.

On the other hand, the stone is considered one of the most resistant facings, enduring long time and the aggressive action of external agents. And nowadays, when we value energy saving more than ever, it is important to say that stones have better efficiency levels that will allow us to save, because it conserves the heat longer and guarantees more comfortable interior temperature. So, if you value the natural, exclusive and unique by its veins, quality and durability, the stone is your choice.